31st May 2023

Introductory Seminar to Mechanical-Biological Treatment

LIVE: 09:00 – 18:00 CET. – only available online

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Are you interested in learning about the latest waste treatment technologies? Look no further than our upcoming English language seminar on Mechanical-Biological Treatment (MBT). Taking place on May 31st, this seminar covers a wide range of MBT-related topics, including the selection of appropriate waste treatment technologies, MBT technologies and examples, and quality supervision of major solid MBT output fractions and MBT process control.

Attendees will have the opportunity to dive deep into mechanical and biological treatment methods, as well as explore a variety of MBT-related technologies, such as wet mechanic separation technology and mechanical-physical stabilization. The seminar will also address crucial considerations, such as controlling gaseous emissions, encapsulation, and air management.

In addition to technical discussions, the seminar will also provide a practical overview of MBT in Germany, covering the history, legal background, and results of a comprehensive evaluation of German MBTs in 2007. Cost considerations and the adoption of MBT to local situations will also be explored.

Whether you’re a waste management professional or simply interested in the latest sustainable technologies, this seminar provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the state of the art in mechanical-biological treatment. Join us on May 31st for a comprehensive and engaging seminar on MBT.

MBT Seminar Topics: 31st of May

  • Selection of appropriate waste treatment technologies
  • Introduction / what is MBT / targets
  • MBT technologies and examples
    • Mechanical treatment
    • Biological treatment
      • Aerobic technologies
        • MBT prior to landfill
        • Biological drying for refuse derived fuel (RDF) production
      • Combined anaerobic-aerobic technologies
        • Partial flow dry digestion
        • Full flow dry digestion
        • Partial flow wet digestion
        • Full flow wet digestion
        • Percolation plants
      • MBT related technologies
        • Wet mechanic separation technology
        • Mechanical-physical stabilisation
      • Quality supervision of the major solid MBT output fractions and MBT process control
        • Taking representative samples, analytics, which parameters make sense?
          • Landfill material
          • RDF
        • Control of Gaseous emissions
          • Emitted substances, variation of emissions during the process
          • Encapsulation
          • Air management
          • Biofilter
          • Regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO)
        • Practical experience with MBT in Germany
          • History and legal background
          • Results of an evaluation of all German MBTs in 2007
          • Current situation
        • Landfilling of MBT output
        • Is agricultural application of MBT output a good solution?
        • MBT compared to other technologies
          • Incineration
          • Bioreactor landfill
        • Costs of MBT
        • Adoption of MBT to the local situation


Dr. Matthias Kuehle-Weidemeier



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Introductory Seminar to Mechanical-Biological Treatment.

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