28.04.2022 - 9am (CEST) - 3PM (China Time)

EU China Economy &Technology Expo Spring 2022



EU China Economy & Technology Expo Spring 2022 2022

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Global EU China Expo - 28.04.2022 - 9am (CEST) - 3PM (China Time)
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EU China Economy & Technology Expo Spring 2022

Background & Vision

Against the background of profound changes in the international political and economic environment and the global innovation landscape, China-EU economic and technological cooperation is playing an important pillar role in global economic recovery and sustainable development. The economic, trade, and technological exchanges between China and the EU have grown against the trend during the Pandemic and have become a bright spot in the global economic haze, demonstrating the advantages of the two sides’ strong complementarity, wide areas of cooperation, and large potential space.

Relying on the resources advantages of European Technology Chamber and the good cooperative relationship with China, the European Technology Chamber hereby organizes the 2021 China-Europe Economic and Technological Expo, aiming to promote practical cooperation and exchanges between Chinese and European companies, further expand the space and dimensions of cooperation, and promote open discussion and communication through theme forums, online exhibitions and matchmaking meetings., so as to lay a solid foundation for future mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Europe in all fields.



Living in this high-stakes global environment with unprecedented challenges, we are constantly wondering: Is There Still a Global Marketplace? Is globalization the way forward? To secure sustainable development and tackle severe challenges, opening your mind for cooperation is always a must.  

China, as the world’s second-largest economy and the EU’s top trade partner, is filled with vast potential and opportunities for European entrepreneurs to explore and expand.  This cooperation between the two sides has proven to be resilient and vigorous with China replacing the United States as the EU’s largest trading partner in 2021 and technological exchanges hitting record highs despite the coronavirus crisis. 

Given this background, the EU Tech Chamber together with China Alliance, Saxony Trade & Invest and IHK Chemnitz are planning the EU China Economy and Technology Expo Spring 2022. The expo will be held on April 28th 2022 Thursday from 9 am to 2pm CET with Opening Ceremony, Three Subforums (Economy Theme + Technology Theme + Sustainability Theme) and Unique Networking Opportunities through open discussions and tailored matchmaking. 

Michael Kretschmer, the Prime Minister of the Free State of Saxony of Germany will give a speech in the opening ceremony and share his insights on the EU China cooperation. 

If you want to gain insights on the business development of Europe and its cooperation with China, register for free now and participate at one of the world greatest online China-Europe Forums. 

2022 年春季中欧经济科技博览会





现阶段,生活在高风险的全球环境中,面临着前所未有的严峻挑战,我们不得不思考这样的问题:一个全球性的国际市场还会继续存在吗? 全球化会是未来前进的方向吗? 然而有一点可以确定的是,开放合作确保可持续发展和应对严峻挑战的前提条件和必然选择 





Organizer 主办单位

European Technology Chamber

Co-organizers 协办单位

Saxony Trade & Invest

IHK Chemnitz

Agenda 会议议程

CEST Time: 9 AM - 2 PM (Noon) | Beijing Time: 15:00 PM – 20:00PM
中欧时间:上午9点—下午2点 | 北京时间:下午3点—下午8点

CEST Time: 9 AM - 2 PM // Beijing Time: 15:00 PM – 20:00PM
中欧时间:上午9点—下午2点 | 北京时间:下午3点—下午8点

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Opening Ceremony
30 mins/30分钟

15:00-15:05 Beijing Time - 北京时间

09:00-09:05 CET Time - 中欧时间

Welcome Speech by Moderator (5mins)
Federico Gonzalez de Aledo
EU Tech Chamber China Alliance Director

15:05-15:10 Beijing Time - 北京时间

09:05-09:10 CET Time - 中欧时间

Speech by Michael Kretschmer (5mins)
(Video Recorded)
Prime Minister Saxony

15:10-15:20 Beijing Time - 北京时间

09:10-09:20 CET Time - 中欧时间

Speech by Florian von Tucher (10mins)
Chairman of EU Tech Chamber
欧洲科技商会会长福润·冯·途赫 致辞(10分钟)

15:20-15:25 Beijing Time - 北京时间

09:20-09:25CET Time - 中欧时间

Speech by (Chinese Gov. Partner) (5mins)

15:25-15:30 Beijing Time - 北京时间

09:25-09:30 CET Time - 中欧时间

Speech by Christoph Neuberg, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chemnitz (5mins)
开姆尼茨工商会 亚历克斯·冯·昆斯伯格 (5分钟)


Roundtable 1: Economy Theme

Topic: Europe and China—Economic Partnership & Development
主题:欧洲与中国—经济合作与发展 60 mins/60分钟

15:30-15:33 Beijing Time - 北京时间

09:30-09:33 CET Time - 中欧时间

Speech by Sierra von Tucher, Chair China Alliance (3mins)

16:30-17:00 Beijing Time - 北京时间

10:30-11:00 CET Time - 中欧时间

Break out Rooms for all 4 speakers

15:33-16:30 Beijing Time - 北京时间

09:33-10:30 CET Time - 中欧时间

Roundtable Discussion:

Ron Keller, Former Ambassador of Netherlands to China; Ambassador of the European Senate of Economy and Technology
原荷兰驻华大使、欧洲经济和技术参议院大使 罗恩·凯勒

Mrs. Simone Schmalfuss, business sinologist and Head of sales Dr. Födisch AG

Bei Wang, Metaverse and China Digital Economy Expert

Fanna Kong, CEO at Sino-Swiss Business Center (SSBC)


Roundtable 2: Sustainability Theme

Topic: China & Europe Sustainable Development 3rd Saxonian-Chinese Environmental Forum
主题:中欧可持续性发展—共创美好未来 60 mins/60分钟

17:00-17:03 Beijing Time - 北京时间

11:00-11:03 CET Time - 中欧时间

Speech by Alexa von Künsberg, IHK Chemnitz (3mins) (TBC)

18:00-18:30 Beijing Time - 北京时间

10:30-11:00 CET Time - 中欧时间

Break out Rooms for all 4 speakers (Andrea Voss Saxony Trade and Invest Project Manager & Armin Reith, Head of Business Unit Micro/ICT, will have a breakout room also)

17:03-18:00 Beijing Time - 北京时间

11:03-12:00 CET Time - 中欧时间

Roundtable Discussion/ 圆桌论坛讨论:

Tao Zhou, International Office for Chinese Society for Environmental Science (China MEE)
中国环境科学学会国际联络部周涛 (中国生态环境部)(待确定)

William Xiao, Secretary General at China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Developement Foundation
中国光大环境有限公司 (待确定)

Vera Böß, seecon Ingenieure GmbH

Rolf Balthes, Ingenieurbüro für Grundwasser GmbH/ MuP Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
开姆尼茨工商会 亚历克斯·冯·昆斯伯格 (或其上级)


Roundtable 3: Technology Theme

Topic: China & Europe Technology—Building the Future Together
主题:中欧科技—共创未来 60 mins/60分钟

18:30-18:33 Beijing Time - 北京时间

12:30-12:33 CET Time - 中欧时间

Esteban Remecz (3mins), CIO VP Information Technology & Digital, Maxion Wheels; Chairman of The China CIO Alliance
马可迅车轮副总裁兼技术与数字化首席信息官、中国首席信息官联盟主席 埃斯特班·雷梅茨(3分钟)

19:30-20:00 Beijing Time - 北京时间

13:30-14:00 CET Time - 中欧时间

Break out Rooms for all 4 speakers

End of the Event / 活动结束

18:33-19:30 Beijing Time - 北京时间

12:33-13:30 CET Time - 中欧时间

Roundtable Discussion/ 圆桌论坛讨论:

Hui Cao, Head of Strategy and Policy at Huawei EU (TBC)
萨克森经济促进会 阿明·雷斯

Shanshan Zhang, Amazon Web Services
联合创始人兼首席执行官 林凯泽(待确定)

Oskar Ablimit, Tencent Cloud International Senior Strategic Sales Manager
腾讯云国际高级战略销售经理 奥斯卡·阿布林特

Henrik Saetre, Go Digital China


Economy - Business Development

Our experts will share their knowledge and opinion about the current economical and business development situation between Europe and China, as well as the trends, challenges and goals related to Sino-European economy cooperation.


Experts from both China and Europe will discuss about and provide a real vision of the environmental and sustainability policies and developments in both China and Europe, as well as the cooperation opportunities in this sector, having as use case the cooperation between Saxony Bundesland and China in this field.

Technology & Innovation growth

Innovative digital business is more and more important for both China and Europe, at this Forum we will provide some key points about the direction of this sector in both territories, as well as about the cooperation opportunities for both Chinese and Europeans in Tech business projects.


Federico Gonzalez de Aledo

China and Advanced Manufacturing Alliances Director at EUTECH

Florian von Tucher

Chairman of EUTECH

Sierra von Tucher

China Alliances Board Member at EUTECH

William Xiao - 肖青

Speaker at Sustainability Roundtable

Fanna Kong

Speaker at Economy Roundtable

Bei Wang

Speaker at Economy Roundtable

Breakout Room “New opportunities in the Metaverse and Web3”

Federico Gonzalez de Aledo

Speaker at Economy Roundtable

Tao Zhou - 周涛

Speaker at Sustainability Roundtable

Andrea Voss

Saxony Invest & Trade

Armin Reith

Saxony Invest & Trade

Oskar Abulimit

Speaker at Technology Roundtable