Digital Transformation Alliance – The Role of Data Privacy in Digital Transformation

20 Oct, 2022 @ 9:00 am (CEST)
60 min.

According to Forbes, companies invest resources that include time, budgets, and labor hours in preventing data and regulation breaches. Instead of allowing data professionals to do their jobs and help the organization grow, costly salaries are spent on hours of manual reporting, verifying, and mapping. The amount of data created and used by companies continues to increase and only adds to the burden, as data and compliance teams struggle to locate relevant information stored on multiple databases. Companies that use mostly manual solutions risk data breaches and misinformation, as well as the consequences they carry from authorities and frustrated users. A digital transformation will help the data privacy field make strides as it progresses. With privacy technology and automation, companies can seamlessly integrate data privacy into their businesses, products, and customer experiences. Data ownership marks a new era in the digital world, and to make it possible and successful, we have to welcome this change with smart technologies and an open mind.

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