Digital Transformation Alliance – Embracing Equality: Digital Transformation and Gender

22 Sep, 2022 @ 9:00 am (CEST)
60 min.

The digital revolution brings the immense potential to improve social and economic outcomes for women. Yet, it also poses the risk of perpetuating existing patterns of gender inequality. Despite several important initiatives, a significant digital gender gap remains, limiting the equitable realization of the benefits of digital transformation across high-, low- and middle-income countries. This means that many women, especially those from developing countries, face continued challenges in accessing and making use of digital technologies. The world needs a safe, affordable, and inclusive internet, one that doesn’t fuel harmful gender stereotypes, silence women’s voices, and imperil women’s safety and rights. Equally, we need digital tools to boost women’s participation and leadership in the digital space. It is not enough for women and girls to simply have access to technology and digital skills; they must also become active agents of change to create a safer and equitable digital future for all.

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