IoT Alliance – How IoT is transforming the Agritech Sector

18 Mar, 2022 @ 9:00 am (CET)
90 min.

The Farming industry has dramatically gone over radical changes during the past 50 years.
Farm equipment’s advances in technology have already boosted productivity leading to much more efficient cultivation of lands. But we are now in the early days of a new revolution brought by the digital transformation such as data connectivity, cloud computing/big data analysis, digital platforms, artificial intelligence and machine learning, but also, yield mapping, GPS guidance systems and variable-rate application.
Precision agriculture technologies are based on sensors, such as soil sensors, guidance and tracking systems, advanced imaging technologies including satellite and drone imagery, self-driving machinery and agricultural robots.
Sustainability and SDGs take great advantage of Digital Farming by providing farmers with more real-time information about their lands, allowing them to make better decisions. For example, technology allows for improved crop production by understanding soil health and it allows farmers to use fewer pesticides on their crops, soil and weather monitoring optimise the use of water and reduce waste.

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